Bob Polomski: Irises

Irises are the Queen of Flowers and typically Irises will bloom in May, but what’s really wonderful is that we’ve got a whole series of reblooming irises that not only bloom in late spring, but also in the fall.

Joining me today on this beautiful October morning in West Anderson, SC is Rae McBride, member of the American Iris Society as well as the Foothills Chapter. A lot of people are unfamiliar about these bearded irises, the fact that they could actually bloom twice a year. What is a re-blooming Iris? An Iris is one that will bloom in the spring and rebloom in the fall starting in late August or September and go on until a very heavy frost. Giving them extra fertilizer after they bloom in the fall will help introduce your bloom spring. What I did this spring and got a wonderful spring bloom was the end of February and the end of March sprayed them with Miracle Grow Bloom Booster and I had the best spring bloom I’ve ever had; and after that, I used mixture of 10 10 10 and some superphosphate and a little alfalfa meal around them to help promote the fall bloom.

Any words of advice for people that may want to start growing re-bloomers? Start with old standards varieties that bloom well in Zone 7-, which is our zone.

Ok very good. Well thank you for this splendid morning this is just magnificent; and if we could come back in the spring to see them in bloom that would be fantastic. That’d be wonderful.