Spray immature stage for kudzu bug control


Jeremy Greene: We suspected last year from our observations and trials that the kudzu bug immature growth stage is key to managing this insect in soybeans. That was confirmed with some of our trial work this year and that we think we can easily control the species by keying on the nymphs, the immature stage of the species. So we direct a lot of our chemical controls to that growth stage. We have learned that this insect does not absolutely need kudzu to develop in a given region. This year we saw kudzu bugs come directly out of over-wintering sites into the early-planted soybeans, in 2011 we did not see that. Although this species is economically important, we can control it. We have a lot of insecticides that are labeled for use in soybeans that are active on this insect. So we are determining when to apply those appropriate materials and we have got some pretty good answers.