Master Cattleman Class


Matthew Burns: The goal of the Master Cattleman class is to educate today's producers for tomorrow's markets. The Master Cattleman class is a six-night, in-depth series of hands-on instruction coupled with classroom instruction through utilization of some distance education. It covers everything from herd health to meat production to reproduction and genetics and nutrition and forages. We have such a wide variety of producers that come to take Master Cattleman that we hope that these producers, whether they have two animals or they have two hundred animals will go home with something that is going to benefit their operation. Whether it be that their animals are going to be healthier through improvement of a herd health program or whether it be that they increase their production efficiency and therefore increase their profit margins on their operation.

Roddy Pick: One important thing for me is that it connected me with local producers in my area and opened discussions with other people's trials and tribulations are in the area. And then, how we address those directly with the class. The Master Cattleman program has helped me significantly in herd health.

Matthew Burns: The 2013 Master Cattleman class registration will open in October of 2012.