Disease Control in Nurseries


Earley: We've had several instances in the nursery where we've had some disease problems that we couldn't figure out. I had Mark to come and look and he diagnosed the problem and told us what we needed to do and that really cleared up the problem. It really makes me more comfortable to have an expert to come and give us advice. It makes us feel better to know if we are doing something right and we can solve the problem before it gets to be a big problem.

Arena: Economically, the important part of my job is to work with the growers to help them improve the productivity of their nursery, which in turn improves their profit margins. A lot of the crops here are mainly sold on the local market, so it's part of the "South Carolina Grown" and South Carolina market commodities. Crops are staying within the state, which is a good thing for the market of South Carolina and the economical stability of the state.