Peach Variety Trials

Dr. Desmond Layne: One of the goals of our variety trial work is to compare what the grower already can grow successfully with new things that may be better or that may have different attributes or may enable him to explore a niche that he currently is not exploring. In this particular variety trial bloc that we have here, we are comparing varieties that Mr. Cooley already grows with lots of new things with the goal that perhaps we will find something that in different windows throughout the growing season will perform as well or maybe even better than what he is already growing that could give him an advantage in the market. Or maybe it is something new that he is not growing like a white flesh peach or a white flesh nectarine or something that is a little bit less common that may open up an opportunity for new customers who are looking for something different.

James Cooley: He took some of the trees that I grow here now, then he took other varieties that other people have or other things that are coming down the line and planted those where we could compare if there was something out there that was better than we have right now. It goes a long way when you can fill the slots and there is a continuous flow of peaches every day coming in for the public.