New Clemson expert knows peanuts


Dr Scott Monfort: Peanut has grown to be one of the largest crops we produce here in the state. It is also one of the most valuable crops we produce. We are now growing more acres than we have ever grown in the state at some of the highest crop values that we have ever had in the state. We are currently evaluating twenty-plus peanut varieties at the Edisto Research and Education Center to provide the most effective and accurate information we can to growers regarding yield potential as well as disease resistance in the hopes to save them as much as we can in input costs while maintaining yield potential. One thing that I would like to state as the in-coming new peanut specialist is that I am here to work for the growers as well as people that work in the peanut industry. As I develop a program, I am here to work on problems that you have now as well as potential problems down the road. Don't be afraid to call the Edisto REC and talk with me about peanut production.