Good exposure grows profitable apples


Danny Howard: Dick Perdue is one of our apple producers in Greenville County. He is a direct marketer; that means he has to sell to the public. One of the ways his farm can stay sustainable is if he can sell apples and make a profit. One of the things that we do as Extension agents is let his product be known to the public; that they're ready, they're farm-fresh and they're healthy. This exposure to the public and to the media brings awareness to his farm. My partnership with Dick as an Extension agent is to provide that awareness; not only in production, but to help him with marketing his product and marketing it at a price that he can make a profit. He does his value-added products also so folks don't know he has apple cider, apple sauce, apple slices; all the things that he makes at the farm that have a lot of goodness in it. So they come up here to visit him and enjoy his farm-fresh commodities.

Dick Perdue: A vital part of direct marketing is getting exposure. I couldn't have gotten exposure without Danny. One of the biggest things is that when the newspaper or the television calls, and they say, "I want to write an article about apples or apple cider or blackberries or one of the fruits I grow," I've been on every channel; The Greenville News, the Spartanburg paper, the Columbia paper, and every one of them was because of Danny.