Recycled pesticide containers


Joe Varn: Pesticide container recycling is a free service provided by the Clemson University Extension Service. We do it in coordination with the pesticide regulation department. The two major advantages are really simple: they (growers) get a chance to get recertification credits to maintain their private applicators' license. The second advantage is it gives these producers a place to take the containers. Most of the landfills do not want them, so we keep them out of the landfill. It is illegal to burn them, so it gives them an opportunity to get rid of those containers.

Leslie Godfrey: This program is designed to help growers by giving them a way to dispose of their pesticide containers after they have been used and properly cleaned. These containers are collected, chipped up and then they eventually become plastic pallets that are used within the pesticide industry. This is a year-round program. Growers who are interested should go to the US AG Recycling website for more information.