Rotational grazing cuts costs


Kevin Campbell: At A&W Farms when Neely Page came to me, he asked for a plan the he could implement to develop a grazing system, minimize his winter feed costs and optimize the performance of the animals. We have now implemented a rotational grazing system; we have it broken up into four paddocks. We manage the forages to optimize the quality that the animals are taking in. We also capitalize on the fact that the animals are shedding any parasites they might have and then not re-infecting themselves. The animals are grazing younger, healthier grass and they are also avoiding a parasite re-infection. The bottom line for Neely is that he has gone from feeding seventy-five to one hundred round bales of hay per year to feeding thirty-five bales and he feels like he can drop down to less than that. In effect he has cut two-thirds of his winter feeding cost out. We are decreasing the expenses so that we improve the bottom line and in Neely's case it has been tremendously successful.

Neely Page: Kevin came out and educated me on rotational grazing. Our forage quality has increased dramatically, our cows are carrying weight better, we are able to put weight on them now even going into the winter. We do not have near the pressure on the grass as we used to because there is more high-quality forage. There is less cost involved for me now because we basically only give grass, water and mineral. There are no supplements anymore.