Strawberries sweet way to farm


Powell Smith: Strawberries are a great crop for a young farm family with a small farm because the money turns over quickly. It is a very lucrative crop if you do any kind of management, you get a good yield and the price always stays up in South Carolina. And each year, Todd and Lynette have improved their production capabilities and expanded their acreage a little bit and began to branch into some other small fruits. And this year finally after five years, Todd felt successful enough with the farming venture to retire and go into full-time farming. It has made me very proud to see because it is a perfect success story of strawberries in South Carolina. That is a young, hard working farm family taking the information from Clemson and basically running with it and becoming very successful strawberry producers with strawberries being a flagship crop on their produce venture.

Todd Lever: We basically went into this not knowing anything about it, probably seven years ago. This is our sixth year of growing strawberries now and they gave us all the information we needed of people to contact, of diseases to look out for, of pests to look out for, how to handle those problems. And they have always been there for us, they have always been just a phone call away. We have got a couple of Extension agents who are, like I said, they are on speed dial on my phone and they are always right there if I need them.