Strawberries: a berry good business


Tony Melton: Working with the Poston Farm has really been a great experience. He is a great grower, he listens to me and he learns from what we do. We started out when he was first beginning to grow strawberries and I got to show him how to grow them, then he became better and better at it; and now I still help him once a week and they are doing a wonderful job of growing some of the best and tastiest strawberries and selling them here, right at the Lake City Farmer’s Market.

Jimmy Poston: I called Tony to help me in 1989, when I first put my strawberries in. He came out and told me what I needed to do. He was involved from that, even through telling me who I needed to contact and get my irrigation material from. And ever since then, we count on Tony to come out and check our fields for viruses and insects, also to help us find markets. Tony does a wonderful job for us, I don’t know how I could survive without him, I guess we could but I wouldn’t want to try.