Profile kit helps strawberry growers


Guido Schnabel: The profile kit is a resistance monitoring system to help strawberry growers choose the best product for disease control. After three days of letting the fungus grow on the profile kit, we plug the data, the visual assessment of growth into the computer. The computer calculates a resistance factor for each chemical class separately. With this information, the computer then assembles a report for the grower that will help him choose the best chemicals for his operation. This is the first year we have provided the profile kit as a service to South Carolina strawberry growers. And this service, as young as it is, has already attracted growers from ten other states to use the profile kit. In addition to that, we are also getting samples now from grapes and from blackberries. So we are doing crop expansion. We are establishing a database of resistance throughout the East coast and throughout the Southeastern United States that will help us in the future understand much better resistance development in the field.

Barclay Poling: This is in my view, the best cost-savings that has come along in the last decade. And it is because of this lab at Clemson that we have stepped back and reassessed our growing and disease management practices. Without this information, we would never have known the problems that we were creating by not rotating materials and certainly not using materials that are creating selection pressure for even more problems with resistance in the future.