Timely digging turns up peanut profit


Charles Davis: Farmers invest a lot of money in their peanut crop. Many of them have six hundred dollars per acre invested in that crop and so the most important part of growing peanuts is harvest. By looking at maturity and digging at the right time, we figure we save two hundred pounds of peanuts per acre. At this year's price of seven hundred dollars per ton, it does not take long for those numbers to add up significantly. By my calculations, we have helped farmers save last year in Calhoun, Orangeburg and Richland counties in the neighborhood of four hundred and ninety thousand dollars in digger loss and that is money that goes back in their pockets and is not left laying in the field.

Dargan Culclasure: Testing for maturity makes sure that you do not dig them too soon so you can make the grade. And you do not want to wait too long, because when you dig them, they will all come off the plants and then you will leave most of your peanuts in the field. If it was not for Charles coming out here and helping us and letting us know exactly when to dig, I would probably be missing the boat as far as digging on time and getting everything in in a timely manner.