Tourist dollars grow farm incomes


Howard Hiller: Chattooga Belle farms in Long Creek, South Carolina is a new agro-tourism business. The owner, Ed Land has worked to build this into a viable agribusiness industry. We think agro-tourism; and this is a great example; is going to be a continuing benefit to South Carolina.

Ed Land: Agriculture in South Carolina is the number one industry in our state. The number two industry in our state is tourism. By putting those two together here at Chattooga Belle, we hope to create an environment with the top two industries in our state. We got involved with Clemson Extension early to help plan the farm, to help organize the layout of the vineyards and orchards. Throughout the whole process, we've used Clemson Extension very extensively. Extension has been a vital part of building the farm and creating the business that we have here today and helped us to establish, hopefully, a viable and successful farm in the future here at Chattooga Belle.