Tree-growers find nothing boring about wood-borers


Cory Tanner: The nursery and landscape industry in South Carolina makes up a significant segment of the agricultural economy of our state. And, wood-boring insects are of a particular concern to nursery growers because they can be one of the more economically damaging pests that they deal with. Unfortunately, most nursery growers are not familiar with all of the different species of wood-boring insects that we have here and they type of damage that they do and when those pests are active. So the work that I am doing here at King's Sunset Nursery is all about trapping these wood-boring insects at different stages of their life-cycle in order for us to develop a pest management program that these growers can use to number one save money; but, number two to more effectively manage these pests.

Tommy King: Cory and the people at Clemson have helped us a great deal with our pest problems. They helped us set traps and helped to identify some of the bugs that problems here on the farm. If we put our chemicals out too soon, we miss the bugs, but if we wait too long, the chemicals are not as effective as if you do it at the right time. So it has been a big cost-savings to be able to control the bugs.