Union County Aquaponics Demonstration


Jeff Fellers: What we have here is the Union County Clemson Extension aquaponics demonstration. The purpose of it is to provide an idea to families who may not have the growing area, who may not have the space, who may not have the backyard to produce vegetables. This demonstration allows people to see how they can garden in small spots. It gives them an idea of the water that is needed, the materials that are needed and all of these materials can pretty much be found locally. They can put this in their backyard and they can start growing vegetables.

J.D. Trammell: We do have back-up systems for it, that if we have a power failure the battery back-up takes it on. But it still, there is nothing real extravagant about it, anybody could have it. And if they have problems with it, all the got to do is come to Clemson Extension here and we will do everything possible to solve those problems.