Leadership SC


Helen Munnerlyn: Today is our first day of Leadership South Carolina where we begin a new session. Fifty people from all over the state, from all geographic regions of the state, ethnicities and employment sectors are here to learn more about what is going on in South Carolina. Our fifty people are going to learn more about leadership skills. They are going to learn more about what challenges South Carolina faces, including economic development, education, social issues, health issues and environment. By the time we are finished, they should know a lot more about what is going on in the state and how they can get involved.

Derrec Becker: Leadership South Carolina is an opportunity to look at the solutions to problems facing our state and the pressing issues facing our community. There are a lot of issues facing South Carolina as a whole. Hopefully, one of the things that we can do is bring our talents together and work on solutions to the issues facing our state.

Patti Tate: My platform this year is to celebrate the successes teachers and students have in the classroom. We need to be positive about what occurs in our educational system. If we do that, then overall the educational system will improve in South Carolina. With the improvement of the educational system, businesses will be attracted to come to South Carolina. So let's celebrate education and teachers in South Carolina.

Helen Munnerlyn: We hope you will join us in applying for Leadership South Carolina, so please go to our website at "leadershipsc.com" We would be happy for you to apply and look forward to meeting with you very soon.