SC Leadership Conference

Leadership South Carolina is a thirty year-old program directed at teaching and enlightening people who are interested in becoming leaders in South Carolina.

We started today with our orientation session at the Sandhills facility at the Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development in the Midlands of South Carolina. The program lasts nine months.

We have about fifty people here who are learning about what it takes to be a leader, as well as leadership skills and assessments. They are getting to know each other today for the first session.

I’m Vice President for Institutional Advancement and I am responsible for fund-raising, marketing communications and our university’s private foundation.

At South Carolina State my responsibility is to create opportunities for our students so we are working to partner with industry, as Boeing and other companies move to our state. The students can do internships, co-ops and then get permanent employment in these industries.

My goal at Leadership South Carolina is to be an asset, to share my experience with my colleagues and to do more to support higher education and better our citizens.

The fifty people that we have selected also represent the diversity of South Carolina, in terms of age, ethnicity and where they live in the state.

In South Carolina, the teacher of the year is given a one-year residency away from the classroom where they work with C.E.R.R.A., the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention and Advancement.

Through C.E.R.R.A. I meet with schools and universities as well as public, civic and government agencies to promote and advocate for public education. I also work with programs within C.E.R.R.A. like teacher mentor training, teaching fellows and teacher cadets, as well as different recruitment and retention measures in public education.

The teacher that serves in this role can be a voice and a representative of public education as well as learn how the system that we work in relates to other areas of our state’s development.

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