Doris Cole: Strong Communities

Doris D. Cole, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Institute on Family & Neighborhood Life
Community Outreach Worker, Strong Communities

Strong Communities is a targeted research-based Duke Endowment funded initiative to try to prevent child neglect and child abuse.  Our goal is to keep children safe. So we try to connect young parents with other parents, so they can talk and commiserate and celebrate; and just find that joy in raising their child.

One of the ways we help spread this blanket of support across our community is to plan activities where young parents get together and meet each other. This is very key in making parents feel like they can do this job and they can do it as well as anyone else.

We’re seeing the sense of child neglect; and the true actions of child neglect and child abuse are going down in our targeted areas. We hope that replication of the Strong Communities ideals and methods will not only reach every part of South Carolina, but every part of the United States.