Andrew Mount: Super-tough Coatings


Andrew S. Mount, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Our primary goal of Okeanos interest is to look at materials science of how organisms, like barnacles and oysters and other things, get along in the marine environment and this has lead to some very practical innovations. 

In the marine environment, one of the challenges – whether it’s a navy submarine or an aircraft carrier or someone’s pleasure boat – is the materials in which those craft are made from need to be strong, they need to be resistant to corrosion. 

So having materials that are corrosion resistant and are resistant to marine creatures settling on them are very, very important requirements.  So we need to understand a little bit better about the biology of how marine creatures solve these problems of corrosion and biofouling; and then incorporate those sort of solutions into the next generation surfaces. 

We have technology that is South Carolina born and bred that can be commercialized, ultimately commercialized, and then utilized.  So, it’s a great way of building a future economic base for our state.

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