Green Roof


Hi, I'm Michael Whitfield with Green Roof Outfitters. We are a manufacturer, installer and supplier of Green Roof Systems. We developed the modular system, which is here behind me. It's a plastic container that we developed and that we get made in South Carolina. It is one hundred percent post-consumer content materials, recycled plastics. The benefit is that it is easy to install, anybody can do it.

The reason that we partnered with Clemson is because Clemson is an agricultural school. They have all the needed tools to be able to dig in and find all the data that we need for these systems. There is not much data out there. It is kind of a new technology, green roofs; especially the modular system. So they are able to go in and see water quality, water quantity and a whole host of other things that we need to know to be able to pass on the savings and the actual numbers to our end users.