Dr. Gene Eidson: Intelligent River Project

Dr. Gene Eidson, professor of Biological Sciences
Principal Investigator for the Intelligent River

My name is Gene Eidson, I am a professor of Biological Sciences and I am the principal investigator for the Intelligent River.

The project began in 2007 when we had a faculty forum. We invited faculty from all colleges and departments to come together and listen to a panel tell us what water issues South Carolina was facing.

In order to tackle the project we chose to tackle, which was; how do you enhance traditional research methods with cyberinfrastructure; we realized that we needed a lot of people.

Our goal is to optimize every drop of water, and how do you grow the economy, how do you protect the environment; we believe you can do it all, but you need data in order to do that. You need a system.

We believe the Intelligent River will bring that system to the market.

Our approach is different because we are looking at a long-term monitoring program and we are developing new technologies. The cost to do this type of work is prohibitive based on current technologies on the market. What we decided to do was to scrap the existing technologies and start from scratch and create our own.

We are creating a technology that will transform the way that we monitor both the natural and the built environment. This is the green economy and this is a knowledge-based economy, which will not only bring a new cost-effective way to monitor resources within our state, it will bring jobs.

I believe the Intelligent River is in its infancy. We’re just beginning.