David White: Intelligent River

David White, Director of Environmental Informatics

My name is Dr. David L. White and I am a director of Environmental Informatics.

The website is a visualization tool for the Intelligent River Project. From the basic function of a website, we have information on there just to tell you what’s going on with issues related to water resources.

In addition, a big piece of the website is that we’ve developed multiple applications that allow the user to see that data. We have a website that allows us to see those data from multiple locations throughout South Carolina and outside South Carolina now.

It’s important to see data in real time because a lot of it comes down to management of resources. As pressures on natural resources increase, because they are going to increase, we have to make better-informed decisions.

The way that technology is moving to help solve problems about how we manage our resources and how we provide the right information to the right people to make the right decisions is increasingly based on remote sensing and technology.

What we’re doing here at the Intelligent River is building an entire infrastructure that can provide the tools to help the managers make the right decisions.