Bob Bellinger: Pesticides Safety

Bob Bellinger, PhD, Professor, Entomology, Soil & Plant Sciences

The hurricane season is on us. Last year, Hurricane Katrina reminded us of the power of these severe seasonal storms. People were concerned about protecting their families and securing their personal property.

In the event of one of these storms, while you are securing your personal property, remember to secure your pesticides as well. If pesticides get into flood waters, they can contaminate your home and be further spread into the environment. Keep your pesticides high, and keep them dry. Store your pesticides in a high location, either in your house or preferably in an out-building like a garage.

Another good idea is to put your pesticides into plastic, latchable containers. That way, even if the container floats, it will still be protected. They won’t wash away, and you won’t be left to deal with wet, useless chemicals. So remember, keep your pesticides high and keep them dry.

Clemson Entomology Department

Bob Bellinger: