Sustainable Forestry Initiative - Dr. Greg Yarrow


My name is Greg Yarrow and I am a professor of wildlife ecology at Clemson University and I am also one of the coordinators of the new Sustainable Forestry Project.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative is a program, which is a partnership between forest industry to make sure that timber products are grown in a manner that is sustainable and environmentally friendly in terms of water quality, soil erosion and wildlife habitat.

Those companies and landowners that participate follow a standard in the way they manage their land so that these resources are protected and conserved.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative in partnership with Clemson University allows us to look at different land management practices that are used to grow timber on Clemson's experimental forest and look at how these practices can be modified to enhance wildlife habitat and at the same time improve timber growth. So it is accomplishing two objectives that the landowner would have income from timber and the other is maintaining wildlife habitat.

The importance here related to timber management is a lot of the management and growth of timber is on private land. These practices and techniques that we are researching and demonstrating have application directly to private landowners in terms of the ability to grow timber and at the same time maintain and enhance wildlife habitat.