Dr. Greg Yarrow: Wildlife Ecology

Dr. Greg Yarrow
Wildlife Ecology

My name is Greg Yarrow and I am a professor of wildlife ecology at Clemson University. Wildlife in general are a bio-indicator of environmental health; they indicate the quality of our own environment.

We have a variety of projects ongoing right now that address conservation issues related to wildlife, as well as conflicts with wildlife. We have one project in Assam, India that looks at human-elephant conflict and we’re trying to come up with a method where the two can coexist.

Closer to home, we have a project around Cape Romain where mink populations are thought to pose a threat to endangered shore birds. We’re looking at impacts that these mink might have and trying to balance the conservation issues, while at the same time we want to provide suitable habitat for mink.

We also have a project in Winyah Bay that is investigating the impact of coyotes on native wildlife. We’ve found that coyotes are fairly new to South Carolina and we have coyotes in every county of the state. Now they are on the barrier islands and they are threatening endangered species.

I also have several students working on the Clemson Forest and looking at ways that landowners can integrate wildlife conservation considerations into managed forests.

There is a tremendous amount of work being done in the area of wildlife management and ecology. It is very fulfilling to see students become engaged and leave Clemson and make a difference in conservation.