Jr. Beef Round Up - August 5-7, 2011


Matthew Burns: The South Carolina Jr. Beef Round Up is a multi-state youth livestock exhibition in the Upstate of South Carolina. The youth compete in Showmanship, breed shows and for three to four thousand dollars worth of scholarships and savings bonds every year. We have about three hundred and twenty heifers and about one hundred and eighty kids this year. 

Carrie Elmore: As far as being a student at Clemson University and studying for tests, as far as future careers and future jobs in the beef industry, the Jr. Beef Round Up really helps me achieve my goals.

Connor Durham: I like Jr. Beef Round Up because it gives me experience for Nationals and the big shows. 

Tim Elmore: This is a positive activity that I would recommend to other parents, because it takes kids whether they're involved in agriculture or not and it enables them to do something that they haven't been able to do; and it's all positive. 

Matthew Burns: The kids that you see here are the next generation. We hope to continue to promote agriculture and beef cattle through education and exhibition in South Carolina.