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Research is conducted in laboratories, farms, and forests on the Clemson campus and at five research and education centers strategically located in the state's distinct soil and climate regions.

Scott Smith, Archbold Tropical Research & Education Center; photo by ExpeditionsArchbold Tropical REC
Conducts applied research and outreach on advancing economic and community development through environmental conservation. The center acts as a liaison for scientists interested in research, and develops educational programming and partnerships with local communities.


egret in marsh branchesBelle W. Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology & Forest Science
Research and education programs focused on the ecology and management of the natural resources of the coastal region of South Carolina for the betterment of the state’s citizens. The institute conducts research on more than 80,000 acres of coastal forest through public and private partnerships. 


gold riceCoastal REC
Research and outreach on vegetable and specialty crop production with an emphasis on the effects of plant-based foods on human health and nutrition. Focus on developing production, and post-harvest methodology and pest management.


slided watermelonEdisto REC
Applied research and outreach on sustainable crop and livestock production systems, including row crops, vegetables, and beef cattle. The center aids citizens, researchers, students, and faculty in finding better ways to grow and harvest crops, raise beef cattle and conserve natural resources.


row cropsPee Dee REC
Conducts applied research and outreach on row crops with an emphasis on enhancing crops through biotechnology. This facility focuses on the major field crops in this section of the coastal plain, along with environmental, wildlife, and ecological studies.


woman presenting informationSandhill REC
Research and outreach on economic and community development, and environmental stewardship. The center’s faculty builds the collaborations needed to identify and address the state’s opportunities and challenges for the 21st century.


Calhoun fieldsSimpson REC
The Simpson REC consists of all of the research farms located on and around Clemson University's main campus, including: Calhoun Fields, LeMaster Dairy Cattle Center, Morgan Poultry Center, Musser Fruit Farm, Simpson Beef Cattle Farm, and the Starkey Swine Center. Simpson support agriculture research, teaching and public services of Clemson University in an efficient and effective manner while maximizing available resources. Each of the farms within the Simpson REC holds workshops and field days related to research done on each corresponding farm.