Jack Whetstone - Research & Projects


Invasive Species Management
Beach vitex, an invasive sand dune plant, is the subject of a major research and eradication effort, funded in part by US Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Town of Pawleys Island, and the Donnelley and Bunnelle Foundations. Aquatic invasive species applied research and Extension projects are directed at the development of control programs for phragmites, alligatorweed, Chinese tallow, and island apple snails.
photo of jack whetstone field work in invasive species jack whetstone talking to tv reporters about invasive species



Aquaculture production Extension programs are directed at all aquaculture species in South Carolina primarily at gamefish (hybrid striped bass and bream) and shellfish (clams and oysters) resources.

photo of aquaculture production facility

Pond Management
Pond management Extension programming for the state is centered out of the Baruch Institute and coordinated through the 46 Extension offices throughout the state.

photo of pond management procedures