Dr. Richard Hassell, Ph.D.

Professor of Horticulture
State Vegetable Extension Specialist

Email: rhassel@clemson.edu

Office: 843-402-5394

Cell: 843-709-2798

Clemson University Coastal Research and Education Center, Charleston, SC

1977 Brigham Young University, Vegetable Crops, Botany, B.S.
1979 Cornell Univeristy, Vegetable Crops, Plant Physiology, M.S.
1993 Ohio State University, Vegetable Crops Ph.D.

Dr. Hassell's appointment is 75% Vegetable Extension Specialist and 25% research in vegetable physiology and cultural practices. As an extension specialist in vegetable crop production, Dr. Hassell has statewide responsibility for interaction with and advising vegetable growers on all aspects of producing marketable vegetable crops. This audience includes farm managers, greenhouse growers, and harvesting crews as well as owners and operators of each type of farm operation. He is also involved in working with the extension staff in teaching and educating extension agents to deal with the above clientele.

Research interest:
Dr. Hassell's research program deals with the evaluation of grafted watermelons, grafting methods and potential benefits to South Carolina (SC-1700366). The major crops involved are watermelon and cantaloupe.

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