Dr. John D. Mueller


Director, Edisto Research and Education Center
Professor of Plant Pathology
Research / Extension Plant Pathologist

Focus Area

Cotton and Soybean Nematology
Asian Soybean Rust Management


BS - University of Missouri - Agronomy - 1978
MS - University of Illinois - Plant Pathology - 1981
PhD - University of Illinois - Plant Pathology - 1983

Current Research Project

Management of Asian soybean rust, nematode/rust interactions and cotton nematodes

Recent Publications

  • Mueller, J. D., S. R. Koenning, R. C. Kemerait, Jr., and P. M. Phipps.  2008.  editors of  Soybean Rust Management in the Mid-Atlantic States.  51 pp. Clemson University Extension Service. http://cipm.ncsu.edu/ent/SSDW/RustBulletin08.pdf
  • Bond, C. R., and J. D. Mueller.  2007.  Delayed maturity and associated yield loss in Columbia lance (Hoplolaimus columbus Sher) nematode-infected cotton.  Journal of Cotton Science 11:275-287. http://www.cotton.org/journal/2007-11/4/upload/jcs11-275.pdf
  • Williamson, M. R., C. S. Rothock, and J. D. Mueller.  2006.  First report of Rhizoctonia foliar blight of soybean in South Carolina.  Online Plant Health Progress doi:10.1094/PHP-2006-1030-01-BR.
  • Sconyers, L. E., R. C. Kemerait, J. Brock, D. V. Phillips, P. H. Jost, E. J. Sikora, A. Gutierrez-Estrada, J. D. Mueller, J. J. Marois, D. L. Wright, and C. L. Harmon.  2006.  Asian Soybean Rust Development in 2005:  A perspective from the Southeastern United States.  Plant Disease Online.
  • Koenning, S. R., T. C. Creswell, E. J. Dunphy, E. J. Sikora, and J. D. Mueller.  2006.  Increased occurrence of Target spot of soybean caused by Corynespora cassiicola in the Southeastern United States. Plant Disease 90:974.  (DOI: 1094/PD-90-0974C)

Current Grants

  • 2008  Mueller, J. D.  ipmPIPE 2008, Clemson University Component.  ipmPIPE 2008, USDA-ARS-APHIS.  $63,412.
  • 2008  Mueller, J. D.  Utilizing fungicides for Asian Soybean Rust Management. 
    South Carolina Soybean Board  $10,000 
  • 2008/2009  Shipe, E. R., and J. D. Mueller.  Evaluation of Elite Soybean Strains and Commercial Cultivars for Multiple-Disease Resistance. 
    South Carolina Soybean Board $6,000 http://www.scsoybeans.org/research/index.html
  • 2008  Agudelo, P. and J. Mueller.  Assessment of Host-Induced Selection of Poplations of Reniform Nematode.
    South Carolina Cotton Board $6,400 
  • 2008  Greene, J. K., J. Mueller, A. Khalilian.  Systems Study of Precision-Applied in-Furrow Nematicide-Insecticide with Uniform Seed Treatment w/Pecisiory-EC Maps. 
    South Carolina Cotton Board  $15,000  http://sccotton.com/research.htm 
  • 2006/2007  Greene, J. K. and J. D. Mueller.  Comparisons of nematicide/insecticide seed treatments (AvictaTM) and in-furrow (TemikTM) products in cotton and possible interactions affecting plant injury. 
    South Carolina Cotton Board  $12,000 http://sccotton.com/research.htm
  • 2006/2007.  Agudelo, P. and J. D. Mueller.  Distribution and damage potential of reniform nematode (Rotylenchulus reniformis) on cotton in South Carolina.  South Carolina Cotton Board  $10,000 http://sccotton.com/research.htm

Soybean Varieties Released

Dillon - 1997 - Shipe, Mueller, Lewis, Tompkins and Williams
Hagood - 1992 - Shipe, Mueller, Lewis, Musen and Williams
Maxcy - 1995 - Shipe, Mueller, Lewis and Williams
Motte - 2000 - Shipe, Mueller, Lewis, Tompkins and Williams
Musen - 2000 - Shipe, Mueller, Lewis, Tompkins and Williams
Perrin - 1990 - Shipe, Musen, Mueller, Weiser and Williams
Santee - 2001 - Shipe, Mueller, Lewis, Tompkins and Williams

Contact Information

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64 Research Rd.
Blackville, SC 29817

Phone: (803) 284-3343, ext. 273
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