Dr. Jose O. Payero

Dr. Jose Payero



Adjunct Professor, College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences (Clemson University)

Extension Associate/Agronomic Crops and Irrigation Specialist (Edisto Research and Education Center)

Focus area

Research and extension to improve irrigation management of row crops (such as cotton, corn, soybeans, and peanuts).


BS   - Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra- Agronomy- 1984

MS  - California State University-Fresno - Plant Science – 1987

PhD - Utah State University – Irrigation Engineering – 1997

Current research projects

  • Evaluation of soil water extraction pattern and physiological development of row crops
  • Lysimeter measurement of crop evapotranspiration of row crops
  • On-farm evaluation of sensor-based irrigation scheduling options
  • Evaluation of economics of irrigated crops in South Carolina
  • Impact of climate on the water use of row crops in South Carolina  
  • Performance of new cotton varieties under different irrigation regimes


Current Grants

 “Climate variability to climate change: Extension challenges and opportunities in the Southeast USA,” which is a 5-year multi-state project funded by USDA/NIFA. 

Selected publications


  • Cammarano, D., Grace, P. Payero, J.O., Basso, B., and Wilkens, P. 2012. Agronomic and economic evaluation of irrigation strategies on cotton lint yield in Australia. Crop & Pasture Science, 63:647–655.
  • Cammarano, D., Payero, J.O., Basso, B., and Grace, P., 2012. Adapting wheat sowing dates to projected climate change in the Australian sub-tropic: analysis of crop water use and yield.  Crop & Pasture Science. In press.
  • Irmak, S., M.J. Burgert, H.S. Yang, K.G. Cassman, D.T. Walters, W.R. Rathje, J.O. Payero, P. Grassini, M.S. Kuzila, K.J. Brunkhorst, W.L. Kranz, D.E. Eisenhauer, C.A. Shapiro, B. VanDeWalle, J.M. Rees, G.L. Zoubek, and G.J. Teichmeier. 2012. Large scale on-farm implementation of soil moisture-based irrigation management strategies for increasing maize water productivity. Transactions of the ASABE, 55(3): 881-894.
  • Scheer, C., Grace, P., Payero, J.O. et al. 2012. Nitrous Oxide emissions from irrigated wheat in Australia: Impact of irrigation management. Plant and Soil. In press.
  • Padhi, J. Misra, R.K., Payero, J.O. 2012. Estimation of soil water deficit in an irrigated cotton field with infrared thermography. Field Crops Research,126: 45-55.
  • Payero, J.O., and Irmak, S. 2011. Daily Crop Evapotranspiration, Crop Coefficient and Energy Balance Components of a Surface-Irrigated Maize Field. Chapter 4 in “Evapotranspiration - From Measurements to Agricultural and Environmental Applications”, Giacomo A. Gerosa (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-512-9, InTech,  pages 59-78. Available from: http://www.intechopen.com/articles/show/title/daily-crop-evapotranspiration-crop-coefficient-and-energy-balance-components-of-a-surface-irrigated-
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  • Chauhan, Y.S, G.C. Wright, D. Holzworth, R.C.N. Rachaputi, and J.O. Payero. 2011. AQUAMAN – a web-based decision support system for irrigation scheduling in peanuts. Irrigation Science (DOI 10.1007/s00271-011-0296-y). In press.
  • Payero, J.O., D. Singh, G. Harris, S. Vriesema, J. Hare, L. Pendergast, and Y.S. Chauhan. 2011. Application of a new web-based tool (CropWaterUse) for determining evapotranspiration and irrigation requirements of major crops at three locations in Queensland, p. 295-318, In L. Labedzki, ed. Evapotranspiration. InTech. (Available at: http://www.intechopen.com/books/show/title/evapotranspiration).
  • Irmak, S., Mutiibwa, D., Payero, J.O. 2010. Net radiation dynamics: Performance of 20 net radiation models as related to model structure and intricacy in two climates.  Transactions of the ASABE, 53(4): 1059-1076.
  • Payero, J.O., D.D. Tarkalson, S. Irmak, D. Davison, and J.L. Petersen. 2009. Effect of timing of a deficit-irrigation allocation on corn evapotranspiration, yield, water use efficiency and dry mass. Agricultural Water Management 96:1387-1397.
  • Payero, J.O. and Irmak, S., 2008. Construction, installation, and performance of two repacked weighing lysimeters. Irrigation Science, 26: 191-202.
  • Tarkalson, D.D., Payero, J.O. 2008. Comparison of Nitrogen fertilization methods and rates for sub-surface drip irrigated corn in the semi-arid Great Plains. Transactions of the ASABE, 51(5):1633-1643.
  • Irmak, S., A. Irmak, T.A. Howell, D. Martin, J.O. Payero, and K.S. Copeland. 2008. Variability analyses of alfalfa-reference to grass-reference evapotranspiration ratios in growing and dormant seasons. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 134:147-159.
  • Payero, J.O., D.D. Tarkalson, S. Irmak, D. Davison, and J.L. Petersen. 2008. Effect of irrigation amounts applied with subsurface drip irrigation on corn evapotranspiration, yield, water use efficiency, and dry matter production in a semiarid climate. Agricultural Water Management, 95: 895-908.


Contact information

Edisto Research and Education Center

64 Research Road, Blackville, SC 29817


Cell phone: 803-508-1617

Office phone: 803-284-3343 ext 229

Email: jpayero@clemson.edu