Horticulture Research

Planting seeds.

Fall production of Pumpkins

Due to heavy disease and virus pressure on pumpkins, it is very difficult to successfully grow commercial pumpkins in South Carolina.  Several new pumpkin varieties have been introduced with disease and virus resistant packages which will aid in pumpkin production.  Gilbert Miller and his team are evaluating these new pumpkin varieties.

Miniwatermelon Variety Trial

Introduced in 2004 and rated by Time magazine as one of the greatest inventions of 2004, miniwatermelons, 4 to 6 lbs in weight, have progressively increased in popularity.  Gilbert Miller believes average size of these miniwatermelons is critical and conducting variety trials show these differences.

Seedless Watermelon Variety Trial

Since 2002, Gilbert Miller has conducted an annual seedless watermelon variety trial.  Twenty-five or more varieties are evaluated annually for quality and yield parameters.  Growers use this information to help them determine which varieties are most suitable for their fields.

Watering to maximixe economic production

Gilbert Miller's main research project, which also serves as his current PhD research proposal, is centered around water and nutrient management in watermelons and other fruit and vegetables.  He wants to determine how much water watermelons and other fruits and vegetables need for maximum economic production and how to keep water and nutrients applied through the water via fertigation in the crop root zone.

For grower and production information on horticulture, visit Clemson's Cooperative Extension Service website.