Soil & Water/Irrigation Management Research


Payero working with irrigationIrrigation Water and System Management is a major research and extension program at Edisto R.E.C. The goal of this program is to develop and promote sustainable and efficient irrigation water management in South Carolina.  As water resources available to agriculture become limited due to population growth, competition, drought, and quality degradation, efficient and wise use of irrigation water increase in importance.  Efficient use of irrigation water is essential to remain competitive, and research and extension is needed to assess, develop, and deliver advanced irrigation water and systems management strategies, technologies, decision support systems, and information resources to help irrigators manage their systems for high water productivity (i.e., more crop per drop) while maintaining profitability and environmental sustainability. 

The irrigation program at Edisto addresses: Irrigation management and automation for high water productivity; Application of near-surface geophysics to quantify soil spatial variability; the need for variable rate irrigation; Agro-meteorology and automated agricultural meteorology networks; Cropping systems modeling; and various studies of soil-plant-atmosphere continuum processes to better understand crop water relations, crop water stress detection, evapotranspiration measurement and modeling, yield response to water, and water use efficiency and productivity. This program is led by Dr. Jose Payero and colleagues at Edisto. 

Drought Adaptation Project