Switchgrass - Additional Resources

Production Information:  General & Cultivation

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Switchgrass Fact Sheet - USDA NRCS Plant Materials Program (.htm, 134Kb, 2001) Uses, weediness, description, adaptation and distributions, establishment, management, potential problems, a list of cultivars and control.

Planting Guide to Switchgrass in South Carolina - USDA NRCS (.htm, 41Kb, 2007)
Growing and Harvesting Switchgrass for Ethanol Production in Tennessee
- University of Tennessee Extension (.pdf, 708Kb, 2007) Seed selection, most efficient harvest methods for Middle and East Tennessee.

Switchgrass fact sheet - USDA NRCS (.pdf, 498Kb, 2003) Cultivation in Georgia and information regarding seed purchasing, seeding timing, seed bed preparation, equipment, seeding rates and cultivar recommendations.

Institutional and Industry Links

University of Tennessee - Office of Bioenergy Programs
This office coordinates UT research, development and outreach pertaining to bioenergy. The site includes links to other UT programs.

Chariton Valley Biomass Project
This experimental project located in Iowa is integrating switchgrass as a fuel supplement to a coal-fired electrical plant.

Contract Growing

During the November 15, 2007 Switchgrass for Biofuels Conference at the Pee Dee Research and Education Center, Carolina-Pacific LLC announced their intent to contract with farmers to produce switchgrass to be used for combustion purposes. Although Clemson University fully supports and is dedicated to the development of a growing biofuels industry in South Carolina, producing switchgrass at this time would be an arrangement between the farmer and Carolina-Pacific LLC. Carolina-Pacific LLC stated that they may be interested in farmers producing switchgrass as early as the spring of 2008.

Further questions regarding Carolina-Pacific’s intentions may be directed to the following individuals or by visiting their website.

    * Mr. Ted McNair at mcnair@carolina-pacific.com
    * Mr. Frank Evans at frankkellevans@verizon.net