The Sandhill Covenant

Clemson University, as a high seminary of learning for the citizens of South Carolina, holds the following to be true:

  • That we bear responsibility for the prosperous futures of South Carolia's communities;
  • That we are stewards of nature's blessings entrusted to us at this place;
  • That the natural, physical and cultural histories of Sandhill are worthy of our protection as trustees in order for us to embrace the future.

Sandhill HistoryAcknowledging these truths, we commit to this land;

  • To enhance the quality of the natural resources and habitats at Sandhill;
  • To secure this land as a life-long teacher of community stewardship;
  • To celebrate the agriculture heritage of Sandhill;
  • To be mindful of the natural resources on the property;
  • To intervene on the land in creative ways that ensures a sustainable future.

Furthermore, through the Institute we commit to the community:

  • To conduct the work of the Institute so that it represents the highest ideal of stewardship and civic spirit;
  • To be a unique resource of inspired life-long learning for each citizen;
  • To rekindle in citizens the spirit of curiosity, possibility and passion for learning;
  • To be a model of civic engagement and collaborative leadership;
  • To engage the creative human spirit and intellect of each person who enters Sandhill;
  • To elevate the spirit of civitas to the highest order; and
  • To share the human and natural resources of this place so that South Carolina communities may enjoy life that is prosperous, relevant, and beautiful for generations to come.