Our Mission as the Department of Pesticide Regulation

As part of Clemson University Regulatory Services, the Department of Pesticide Regulation has been serving South Carolina and its citizens for over a century.  We are the enforcement and investigative authority in South Carolina for safe pesticide use, alleged pesticide misuse, substandard termite treatments.  We also ensure that the official SC Wood Infestation Report, which is required in our state for most real estate transactions, is properly filled out and administered.   
The Department of Pesticide Regulation licenses pesticide Dealers, along with Commercial, Non-commercial, and Private Applicators.  We ensure that any pesticide product used in South Carolina is registered, and we perform quality assurance tests of pesticide formulations. 

The Department of Pesticide Regulation administers South Carolina’s Groundwater Protection Plan, which works to ensure that our state’s groundwater remains free from pesticides and other chemicals.  We oversee the Integrated Pest Management in Schools Initiative, which educates school pest control officials about the importance of using chemicals to control pests as only a last resort.  The Federal Worker Standard, a program that protects South Carolina farm workers, and the Endangered Species Program, helps to conserve our most precious natural resources, also fall under the purview of the Department of Pesticide Regulation.

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