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The Department of Pesticide Regulation works to ensure the safe and proper use of pesticides through various programs such as applicator licensing, pesticide container recycling, integrated pest management in schools, and the worker protection program.


Pesticide Regulation is a part of Regulatory Services, which is composed of four departments: the Department of Pesticide Regulation, the Department of Plant Industry, the Plant Problem Clinic, and the Agricultural Service Lab. Since 1890, Regulatory Services has been an integral part of the Clemson University mission.  In fact, fees for quality-assurance inspections of fertilizer were once the backbone of the University’s financial support.


Regulatory Services and its programs are part of Clemson University’s Public Service Activities (PSA), which includes regulatory, research, and extension.


Pesticide Regulation and other Regulatory Services and PSA news releases are available directly from Clemson University's newsroom and are searchable by topic and date.


As you read through the news archives, think of the many ways that Regulatory Services and PSA programs help you, your industry, your family, and our environment every day.


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