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The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) works to protect health, property, and the environment by promoting the safe and proper use of pesticides. We are the enforcement and investigative authority in South Carolina for pesticide use, alleged pesticide misuse, substandard termite treatments, and the South Carolina Wood Infestation Report.

If you would like our assistance with general information about pesticides or pesticide use or if you have a concern or complaint regarding a pesticide application, a Wood Infestation Report, or any other related issue, please contact us via email at Pesticide Regulation.

Please include your name, address (including county), daytime telephone number, and the nature of your concern.  We’ll have someone contact you as soon as possible. You may also contact one of our Pesticide Regulation Field Specialists directly at the numbers listed on the DPR Territory Map.

Read what your neighbors are saying...

My experience has been extremely positive.  I would highly recommend the DPR.  My inquiry was addressed immediately with the utmost courtesy.  The Clemson DPR sets a high standard that other state and federal agencies should aspire to.
Carol from Murrells Inlet 

My husband and  I were not aware of the Clemson University Department of Pesticide Regulation.  However, we are very grateful for the knowledge.  We feel that this intervention will be very helpful in resolving our situation.  We have already started to spread the good news about the program and will continue to do so.  We are also grateful for the compassionate and professional manner in which the inspectors handled the inspection. We have nothing but praise and thankfulness for the program and the inspectors.  Thank you Department of Pesticide Regulation!
--Franklin from Charleston

It was helpful to have an objective, trained professional to advise me in this instance...I was grateful for their timely response and thorough inspection, and I do think it helped me resolve this issue in a quick manner.  Thank you for your assistance.
--Dianne from Florence

We had a problem with a pest control operator who incorrectly filled out a CL-100 (Wood Infestation Report).  I thought this would be a terrible problem which would delay the sale of our house.  I was so happy with the DPR.  They responded promptly and assessed the situation, explained everything, and corrected the report.  It was a simple process for us and our closing did not have to be delayed.  How wonderful to have a problem solved without miles of red tape to deal with!
--Mary from Travelers Rest