Fee Schedule

Scopes of Organic Certification: Crop, Livestock, and Handling/Processing

I. Initial Organic Certification:

  • Certification Fee (Non-refundable)       $750

All-inclusive flat fee for initial certification.


II. Organic Certification Renewal:

  • Application fee (Non-refundable)                     $200
  • Gross Organic Sales Assessment                        0.5% of gross organic sales (previous calendar year)

 Total certification costs are capped at a maximum of $7500


III. Organic Certification (Exempt Operation) <$5000 annually:

  • Certification fee (Non-refundable)                   $200



IV. Miscellaneous Fees:

• Postage and handling of unsigned or incomplete applications….Actual cost

• Copies of official documents…………….Greater of $5 or $0.25/page

• Out of state travel…………………Mileage and expenses at Clemson University rate


V. Late Fees for Renewals:

• Recertification applications and renewal fees are due at the Clemson University office no later than March 1st. Any recertification applications and renewal fees that are submitted after this time period will be charged a $100.00 late fee.