Organic Livestock Producers

The National Organic Program (NOP) Standards state, "livestock products that are to be sold, labeled, or represented as organic must be from livestock under continuous organic management from the last third of gestation or hatching," with some exceptions (§ 205.236).  Clemson's Organic Certification Program verifies the maintenance of organic integrity throughout the livestock production process, from origin to the sale of an organic product. The first step for any operator interested in organic certification is to become familiar with the National Organic Program standards.  Use the following resources for organic livestock certification:


Organic Certification Program Brochure (pdf)

Certification Process (html)

Fee Schedule (html)

USDA NOP Homepage (html)

USDA NOP Regulations (html)

USDA NOP Handbook (html)

OMRI Homepage (html)

AOSCA Organic Seed Finder

ATTRA Homepage (html)

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (html)

IOIA Homepage (html)

NOP Guidance for Livestock Producers (pdf)

New Applicants:

Livestock Organic System Plan (doc)

Poultry Organic System Plan (doc)

Poultry Organic System Plan - Egg Handling Addendum (doc)

Updating Clients: 

Livestock Organic System Plan Update

Supporting Documents:

Dry Matter Intake (DMI) Worksheet (doc)

Livestock Inventory Record (doc)

Field History Sheets (doc)

Materials Input Inventory (doc)

Previous Land Use Declaration (doc)

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