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The most effective method of protection from an invasive pest is early detection and rapid response, a technique that requires public awareness and involvement.

This Pest Alerts page allows Clemson University - Department of Plant Industry to provide accurate and timely information regarding emerging and recurring invasive pests that threaten South Carolina's agricultural and natural resources.  An invasive pest can be an insect, plant or pathogen that harms our crops or native plants.  While many of these pests are regulated by state or federal agencies, some of them are not.  As the state regulatory agency, Clemson University is active in the prevention, detection and eradication of invasive pests in South Carolina and recognizes the importance of educating the public on both regulated and non-regulated pests of concern.  However, this is not a complete list of all pests that are established or are threatening the southeast.  

Click here for the SC Plant Pest List.

If you suspect you have found a regulated plant pest, please contact the Invasive Species Program at or 864.646.2140.  

If you would like a weed, disease, or insect identification for a non-regulated pest, please contact the Plant Problem Clinic for information on how to submit a sample.

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Recognize and report invasive species using EDDMaps or the SEEDN app!


Learn more about SC's regulated plant pests

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