Nursery and Dealer Licensing

The Department of Plant Industry (DPI) strives to prevent the introduction of new plant pests into South Carolina, as well as the spread of existing plant pests to noninfested locations through inspections, plant pest surveys, quarantines, and control and eradication programs.  Movement of nursery stock is regulated by every state and foreign country. Under South Carolina law, any person engaged in the production or collection of nursery stock for sale or distribution must be a licensed nurserymen.

There are two categories of nursery licenses in South Carolina: Nursery and Nursery Dealer.  A nursery is any place where nursery stock is grown for sale.  A nursery dealer  is any person, not a grower of nursery stock, who buys certified nursery stock for resale.  Licenses for both categories run from October 1st through September 30th every year.  All registration fees and renewal forms are due by September 30th every year. 

Nurseries must be both certified and registered in order to receive a SC Nursery License. Certification is done through annual inspections by DPI nursery inspectors.  DPI nursery inspectors will inspect the nursery environs and general condition of the plants.  DPI inspectors will also discuss important issues such as nursery registration fees (if applicable), nursery stock movement, and state and federal quarantines.

Nursery dealers must complete the Nursery Dealer License form. Every nursery stock source must be certified in its state of origin, and the names and physical addresses of all  nursery stock sources must be listed on the form.

For more information on the South Carolina Nursery and Dealer Program, please contact the Department of Plant Industry at (864) 646-2140 or fill out and submit the following form.

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