Nursery Stock Movement Guidelines

Nursery stock movement is regulated by all states and foreign countries to minimize the spread of plant pests such as insects, diseases, or weeds.  South Carolina's plant nursery regulations require anyone growing, selling, or distributing nursery stock to be inspected and certified.  A nursery certificate tag must be attached to plant shipments to verify that the plants inside are certified to be pest-free. 

Nursery certificate tags can be obtained from the Department of Plant Industry.  They expire annually on December 31st.  During  annual  nursery inspections, DPI inspectors will discuss all  necessary requirements for nursery stock shipment with the nurseryman.  In addition to nursery certificate tags, nurseries may need certificates of quarantine compliance (CQC) and state phytosanitary certificates.  These documents are used when states have additional requirements that are not covered by the nursery certificate tag. 

DPI inspectors are also able to provide necessary documentation and inspections for foreign imports and exports of nursery stock.  Nurseries who wish to ship nursery stock to foreign countries will need a federal phytosanitary certificate.  Nurseries who wish to import nursery stock from foreign countries may need post-entry inspections.

For more information on nursery stock movement, please contact the Department of Plant Industry at (864) 646-2140.