Aquaculture Center

Image depicts researchers catching fish. It is the mission of the Clemson Aquaculture Facility to provide a quality environment for the pursuit of education and research for the advancement of Aquaculture.

The Clemson Aquaculture Facility, founded in 1983, currently contains 18 fingerling and broodfish catfish ponds totaling approximately 5 water acres. The facility includes a 4 unit 0.1 acre Partitioned  Aquaculture System (PAS), a 6 unit 2 acre PAS, a single unit 2 acre PAS, a 0.25 acre greenhouse covered marine PAS, and 9 quarter-acre crayfish ponds. An indoor system consisting of (4) 1500 gallon tanks has been used to keep winter Tilapia. Aquaculture cultures crayfish, channel catfish, tilapia, and mussels for research.  Three professors and six graduate students currently work at the facility on a daily basis. Several of our undergraduate workers have found aquaculture interesting enough to earn graduate degrees and continue in the field as a career.