Horse Training: Send Your Horse to College

Student riding horse


Horses from private farms or under personal ownership will be leased by Clemson University on a semester basis and housed at the Clemson University Equine Center. These horses must meet basic requirements, and not be dangerous or aggressive. Board fees will be payable to Clemson University and no training fees will be incurred. Students enrolled in the Behavior and Training class will learn to work with these green horses, with the goal of starting them under saddle by the end of the semester. Students will be supervised and instructed in each phase of training. Owners are encouraged to audit classes whenever possible and remain informed of their horse’s progress. It is important for owners to remember that all horses progress at different rates and that all horses may not achieve the same skills within a semester.


  • Provide Equine Business students enrolled at Clemson University the opportunity to learn valuable training techniques in starting a young horse under saddle 

  • Provide a unique training option for horse owners in the region

Horse being trained


To be considered for this program, horses must meet basic eligibility requirements to include the following:
  1. Horse should be at least two years of age (younger horses may be accepted on a per case basis, and will not be ridden)

  2. Horses must be halter broken.

  3. Horses must not be dangerous or aggressive.  (if a horse arrives, and is deemed dangerous, he will be sent home)

  4. Stallions will not be accepted

  5. Student riding horseHorses must be able to live in a pasture, with other horses of similar demeanor.  Pastures include shed or tree cover for inclement weather.

  6. Horses must arrive in good body condition.

  7. Horses must arrive with current health records.  Proof must be provided for the following:  A current negative Coggins within one year; Eastern and Western Encephalitis, Tetanus, Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis, West Nile Virus and Rabies vaccinations.  Horses must also be dewormed 10 days prior to arriving.


Fees should be paid to Clemson University on or before the first day of each month. After the 5th of the month, a $5.00/day late fee will be incurred until the bill is satisfied. Cost will be $225 per month. If the horse arrives/departs in the middle of a month, board will be charged at a rate of $7.50/day. All husbandry practices and costs associated will be provided by Clemson University during the designated lease period. Any major medical issues that may arise will be the responsibility of the owner.

Download the application. (PDF, 44KB)