LaMaster Dairy Center

Image depicts dairy cattle in barn.The mission of LaMaster Dairy Center is to provide quality animals for research, teaching, and extension projects, as well as quality genetics and dairy products for breeders and consumers worldwide.  Our purpose is to protect the well being of animals, researchers, and staff and to allow the staff to enjoy and show pride in a job well done.

About the LaMaster Dairy Center

The LaMaster Dairy Center is currently going through renovations.  They are CLOSED to all tours and visitors.  Thank you for your understanding and patience

The LaMaster Dairy is conveniently located within one mile of campus with a total of 677 acres. The main farm consists of a milking parlor, experimental barn, calf barn, free stalls, pastures, feed storage, classroom/teaching facility, and an office building. The dairy contains five different breeds of cows: Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey, Brown Swiss, and Aryshires. Approximately 150 cows are milked daily.

The dairy’s teaching and research activities include nutrition, waste management, and dairy production.

For more information about the LaMaster Dairy view the printable Brochure.

                                  LaMaster Dairy Team

Name Position E-mail
Steve Waggoner Manager
Ricky Tingle Asst. Manager
Mike Nichols
Chip Bridges


800 Old Stone Church Road
Clemson, SC 29634
Office: (864) 656-3189
Fax: (864) 656-3189

Steve Waggoner, Manager