Charles Lee Morgan Poultry Center

Image depicts chickens.The purpose and mission of the Morgan Poultry Center is to provide support for research, teaching, and extension activities. It is our goal to provide this in an efficient and timely manner, while following the agricultural guidelines for humane treatment of poultry.

About the Morgan Poultry Center

The poultry farm is located about 1.5 miles from campus and has a shop building with office, feed mill, 11 experimental houses, hatchery, and feed storage. The farm houses various numbers of chickens, turkeys, and Guinea fowl. The farm has trucks, tractors, and machinery to support both teaching and research. These activities at the farm include poultry husbandry, nutrition, physiology, and genetics.

The poultry farm maintains a variety of species of birds, either reared at the farm, or purchased from commercial vendors, and those occasionally donated to the farm. The various species are used primarily for the purpose of research which includes studies in nutrition, egg quality, physiology, anatomy, reproductive physiology, endocrinology, environmental housing, litter studies, integrated pest management, and other related research areas.

The farm is also used for teaching activities, extension programs and as an area for the public to view the various species of birds. Local and regional public and private schools frequently tour the facility.

Fresh eggs are sometimes available at the farm and poultry fertilizer (bobcat scoop). Please call or email for availability and pricing.

The farm adheres to good husbandry practices and follows institutional guidelines as well as those recommended in the 'Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Agricultural Research and Training.' Daily activities include, but are not limited to: Observing health of all birds, feeding, watering, egg collecting, managing floor litter, insuring proper lighting, adequate ventilation and managing clean housing. Each house contains a daily check sheet to (1) insure that the birds, as well as the facility, have been observed and cared for. (2) Vermin control (bait stations) are adequate and (3) record comments that may be relevant to bird health, facility failures (water problems, lighting, ventilation). To download the PDF brochure of this farm, click here (PDF, 192 KB).

Morgan Poultry Center Team


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Carol Foster-Mosley