Guidelines and Policies

Since the South Carolina Botanical Garden is a public venue operated by the State, some standard regulations and policies exist for those hosting parties here. Please contact Darlene Evans, Garden Rental Manager at 864-656-3405 or to discuss details and receive copies of related policies and contracts.

Bridesmaid on Upper Lawn  Discovery Center's Upper Lawn

Many events require the rental of chairs, tables, linens and tents. The Garden has been scheduling events for decades, and we have two pre-approved vendors in the area: Tri-County Rentals ( and Professional Party Rentals ( You may use another vendor provided they are pre-approved by SCBG staff.


All professional photographers must contact the Garden in advance regarding when and where they plan to shoot.  Professional photographers must be members of the Garden to photograph here and must be registered as a photographer; $250 allows for unlimited photography for one year.  Alternatively, the photographer or his/her client may pay a one-time fee of $100 for a single session. In addition, photographers receive a listing as a registered photographer with a link to their business web site. Photographers who are hired to photograph weddings that take place in the garden are not subject to this fee. To schedule the photography shoots please call Darlene Evans - or 864-656-3405.  Please contact Allison Jones for more information on becoming a member of the Garden (864-656-4602 or

Registered Photographers

Peter Tögel Photography:

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Sugar Snap Photography:

Jacob Dean Photography:

       Lasting Impressions Photography:

       Cathy Mobley Photography:

       Mark Lopez Photography:

       Muse 10 Photography:

Contracts & Policies

As you begin researching the location of your next event, please contact the Garden to schedule an initial meeting please contact Darlene Evans at, or 864-656-3405. Our staff will help you select the best venue(s) for your event, as well as advise on availability and logistics. As you are ready to book the event, we will guide you through the contract and payment process, as well as through policies regarding insurance and alcohol service. Please note, though, that Garden staff are not available to serve as event planners. We ask that large events consider hiring a dedicated event coordinator to facilitate planning as well as oversee the actual event.