Naming Opportunities

Natural Heritage Garden Corridor Projects and Naming Opportunities

Bridges along the NHG Trail

A total of nine bridges were replaced during the flood event of the summer of 2013. These bridges are along the most popular walking trail, the Natural Heritage Garden trail. Individual bridge naming opportunities range from $10,000 for small bridges to $25,000 for large bridges.

Late-archaic Native American Shell Ring 

$20,000 naming opportunity

This exhibit is among the most exciting of the new constructions happening in the Garden this year. The exhibit tells a very compelling story of the interconnections of man, his choices and the natural habitats of South Carolina. 5,000+ years ago humans piled oyster shell in mounds and rings all along the coast of South Carolina. The reasons for the creation of these mysterious rings remains unknown but the impact of a simple choice to build with shell had a dramatic impact that can be seen even today. The shell in the mounds breaks down to form a very high pH soil that provides a very unusual growing condition for many plants that are found in no other locations in South Carolina. Species such as Godfrey’s Swamp Privet, Small-flowered Buckthorn, Shell-midden Morning Glory and Leafless Swallow-wort. Other plants that are normally found only in the mountains or farther inland such as Sugar Maple, Basswood and Red Trillium find their only home along the coast in such areas. 

The story is simple but compelling. The choices of people who died over 5,000 years ago have continued to have a profound impact on the world we live in today. Our choices really do matter. This exhibit will be a destination for visitors. It is over 40 feet wide and combines a recreated unique archeological treasure, culture and strange plants. 

Piedmont Basic-mesic Forest 

$10,000 naming opportunity

This section of the Garden was very badly damaged during the recent flooding events and must be re-built. The exhibit has not been sponsored and is available for a naming opportunity. This section of the Natural Heritage Garden takes the visitor through a very rare natural community found only in the Piedmont in special places such as Stevens Creek Heritage Preserve where rock that is alkaline in reaction influences the soil to produce a very rich assemblage of wildflowers. 

The exhibit is directly adjacent to the reflection pool and is extremely attractive and heavily visited. The repair and installation will consist of removal of silt, replacing lost topsoil, purchasing plant material and reinstalling plant material, rebuilding both the short loop trail and the major Natural Heritage Garden trail through this exhibit. 

Maritime Forest Palmettos

A smaller gift opportunity $7,000 to purchase mature palmettos for the maritime forest exhibit.